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Karen Surgery: Healthcare, the way it should be.




The administration of the second dose of the COVID 19 Vaccine is underway for those eligible.

Denmark has donated just under 400,000 doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine to Kenya. These arrived on 21st June to assist with the roll out of the second vaccine. Further supplies are expected through COVAX.


MOH will send you a text message 48 hours prior to your second vaccine due date. You are then eligible and can have the vaccine at any recognised facility,  irrespective of where you had your first dose.


We will attempt to keep you updated on where the vaccine is being administered.  Mbagathi Hospital and KMTC at Kenyatta National Hospital have been administering it over the past few weeks.


Today: 29 June 2021 Lions  Hospital  is administering second doses.
As is Nairobi Hospital see details here below. 




















If you are eligible for your second dose and wish to be kept informed of vaccination venues please leave your name and contact with Anne (our receptionist) or Hannah (our nurse) and they can inform you when they learn more.


All the staff working in Karen Surgery have now had their second dose and are fully vaccinated. We urge you to have yours as soon as you become eligible. 

Date: 22 June 2021 






Previous updates: 


The Kenya Ministry of Health has set up the vaccination roll out over 3 Phases; to prioritize those in greatest need. 


Those eligible for the vaccine in Phase 1 include :front line healthcare workers, teachers, police and the army (and now anyone over the age of 58 yrs).

Phase 2 will be the over 50s and those with underlying serious illness, and tourism workers.

Phase 3 will be for everyone else.




Update: 25/3/21

MoH has today declared that anyone aged 58 yrs and above is now eligible for vaccination under  Phase 1 of the vaccination roll out. 


Below are approved centres offering the vaccine in Nairobi:

1. Langata/Kibra

-Mbagathi District Hospital

-The Nairobi South Hospital

-The Nairobi West Hospital

-Nairobi Men Prison and Langata Women Prison

 2. Westlands

-Aga Khan Hospital

-MP Shah Hospital

-Avenue Hospital

-Gertrude's Children Hospital, Muthaiga

 3. Starehe

-Ngara Health Center

- Mater Hospital

 4. Kasarani

-Dandora 1 Health Centre

-Ruai Family Hospital

 5. Kamkunji

-Pumwani Hospital

 6. Ruaraka

-Ruaraka Uhai Neema hospital

-GSU Headquarters

7. Embakasi East

- Embakasi Health Center

8. Embakasi West

-Mama Lucy Hospital

 9. Makadara

-Makadara Health Center

-Metropolitan Hospital

-Jamaa Mission Hospital

10. Dagorretti

- Mutuini Hospital

- Kawangware grounds (Riruta Health center satellite)

- Coptic Hospital

- Nairobi Hospital

- Nairobi Women's Hospital, Hurlingham

- Nairobi Women's Hospital, Adams Arcade



COVID-19: Do the Right Thing and Stop the Spread 

10 days to save a life


Covid-19 is spreading within the Karen Langata community. Nearly all of us will be fine, with just a mild illness or even no symptoms.

Let's to stop the spread and protect the vulnerable - older people and those with underlying conditions such as diabetes, lung disease, and obesity.


If you have symptoms and test positive, you should isolate at home for 10 days. You should notify close contacts. If on day 11 you feel well and have had no symptoms for 3 days, you can end isolation and go out. You do not need to do another test.


If you are asymptomatic but tested positive, you should isolate at home for 10 days. You should notify close contacts. If you never develop symptoms then on day 11 you can end isolation. You do not need to do another test.


If you are asymptomatic and tested positive, but then develop symptoms, you should extend the isolation period for 10 days after the onset of symptoms.


Close contacts of someone who tested positive for Covid-19 should quarantine by staying at home and avoiding other people for 10 days from the last exposure. If you remain well, on day 11 you can end quarantine and go out. If testing is available, do not test until 7 days after exposure. A negative result does not completely exclude the chance that you are infected. You should still quarantine for 10 days.


If you develop symptoms during the 10 day quarantine, you are a probable case of Covid-19, and you should extend the isolation period for 10 days from the onset of symptoms. If testing is available, a positive result confirms infection. A negative result does not exclude Covid but you should talk to your doctor and consider other illnesses.


Who is a close contact?

 A significant exposure is being close to a potentially infectious person (inside that 6 foot social distancing guideline) for over 15 minutes, especially if you were indoors, not wearing a mask, and in a situation where people are singing, speaking loudly or shouting. If exposure occurred 3-5 days before or up to 10 days after a person developed symptoms or tested positive then you are a close contact.


Do the Right Thing. Isolate or Quarantine for 10 days.


This advice is provided by Karen Surgery and is based on policy recommendations issued by the Kenyan Ministry of Health, as of November 2020. WHO, CDC and other countries may have different recommendations.



If you need a COVID Test the following options are available to you:


Karen Hospital

Tel: 020 6613000 / 0702 222 222



Walk in testing Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Sample collection at home for min 5 pax

Tel: 0206 994 609


Main Nairobi Hospital

First come first served between 8 am  – 12 noon

(Maximum of 150 patients per day)


Main Pathcare Office in Parklands 

Book an appointment online

 or call Tel: 0733 333 552


Aga Khan University Hospital

Book an appointment between 8am – 5pm 

Tel: 0711 092 411 or the Covid-19hotline Tel: 0709 931 700


 Lancet – Main Laboratory Ngong Rd, opposite Nairobi Club

 Book an appointment Tel: 0703 061000 

 The clinic in The Waterfront has a Lancet testing site.


The Nairobi West Hospital , Infectious Disease Unit, Gandhi Ave, Nairobi.

Register online http://portal.nairobiwest

Call 0755 952 433 / 0780 800 066


Mobile sample collection and group testing available by prior arrangement. 


Medanta Africare, Waiyaki Way

Home or office sample collection and group testing available by prior arrangement. 

To book call Tel: 0732 109 700 or 0777 109 700






Karen Surgery: Business unusual.

Karen Surgery is open; but business is far from usual.
As I write, most of us around the world are feeling rudderless and adrift. People are losing work; being isolated at home; worrying about children in mandated quarantine; feeling overwhelmed with anxiety; worrying about loved ones both near and far; even wondering about getting basic supplies. Kenya is in the early stages of the Covid-19 epidemic and no one knows what will happen.
What we do know is that people will still need medical care for other illnesses.
The Karen Surgery team was there to help survivors of the Nairobi bombing, and the Westgate terrorist attack. Some of you may remember our mentor Dr George Robertson, who during curfew after the 1982 coup, walked to his patients' houses to provide care. Covid-19 is the latest challenge, and Karen Surgery is still here for you.
To protect both patients and healthcare staff, we have had to make several changes.
  • Not everything can be put off, but we may be able to deal with it remotely, with a telephone or email consultation. Prescriptions can be renewed, and emailed to you or your pharmacy.
  • Not everything can be handled over the phone. Pregnant women still need antenatal care. Babies still need vaccinations. Patients with lacerations need suturing, and those with infected wounds need dressings. The doctors and practice nurse are still seeing such patients as usual.
  • If you are at high risk for Covid-19 or have a respiratory illness, please telephone us first so that if it is necessary, we can make arrangements for a doctor in protective equipment to see you at home or in our designated respiratory room. 
The allied health professionals - psychologists, physiotherapists, podiatrist, speech therapists - have also changed their practice to limit direct person to person interaction. Many are offering telemedicine consultations but at times it will be necessary or desirable for the patient/client to see the therapist in person. We ask all our patients to cancel these appointments at the surgery if they have any acute respiratory illness, even if they believe it is just a normal cold or flu.
We have put other measures in place, including hand wash stations, extra cleaning of the surgery, and staff use of Uber rather than matatu travel. You are welcome to wait in your car, or outside the building, rather than the waiting room. Phone reception and inform us when you arrive. We encourage you to pay by a contactless method such as MPesa.
Doctors and healthcare workers have been especially hard hit in China and in Europe. Here in Kenya there is not enough protective equipment to go round. At times we also feel frightened, but please forgive us if we let it show.
Karen Surgery is open for business unusual, and we are here for you.




















Aga Khan Hospital: +254 (0)709931700

Ministry of Health:+254 (0)729471414 / +254 (0)7320353535

Toll-free lines:  0800 721 316

 or dial 719 for calls related to COVID -19


Karen Surgery: Healthcare, the way it should be

Karen Surgery started in 1991 as a small traditional general practice to provide medical services to the Karen / Langata community. Soon patients were coming from all over Nairobi, upcountry Kenya, and even East Africa. Karen Surgery has moved a few times, and expanded, but its core values have not changed, and the doctors and psychologist who own and run it have a long-term commitment to the practice and the community.


Karen Surgery provides primary care family medicine services for people of all ages. The GPs (or Family Physicians) establish a personal relationship with each individual, one on one, that may last for decades; and may also care for several generations within the same family.


Convenient care, where and when you need it:

• same day walk-in treatment for serious acute illness

• booked appointments – to minimise waiting times

• house visits for the elderly and infirm

• telephone & email consultations for established patients

• repeat prescriptions


Comprehensive care:

• well women's health checks, and shared antenatal care

• well baby growth and development checks, and vaccination

• treatment of acute illness, keeping you out of the emergency room

• management of chronic health conditions such as diabetes

• preventative medicine and screening, keeping you healthy

• school and sports physicals

• vaccination updates & travel medicine advice

• dressings and wound care by the practice nurse

• allied health professionals - psychologists, physiotherapists, podiatrist, nutritionist - make up the Karen Surgery team


Collaborative care:

• old fashioned personal care - respecting your values and needs

• shared decision making - based on honesty, trust, and empathy

• facilitating your access to specialists and high tech healthcare


Cost effective care:

• individualised appropriate care, no unnecessary tests or treatment

• subsidised lower cost care for your domestic staff

• we are independent and do not deal directly with insurance companies, but will complete your insurance claim forms




Karen SurgeryKaren Surgery



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Emergencies only: +254 (0) 724 840246

Email :



Do not waste time.  Call the emergency phone, go to the nearest hospital or call an
ambulance.  Ambulance Services -  0700 395 395 , 0725 225 225, 0721 225 285.